“It’s on Netflix!”

We all know Netflix is the ultimate escape when we need a few hours away from thoughts of homework, exams, and commitments. It’s the perfect movie night hook-up, perfect for evenings spent laughing at comedies, crying at dramas, or watching way too many episodes of the TV show you needed to catch up on.

And we all know that Netflix is chock full of mainstream shows and movies that everyone has either seen or heard of. But Netflix is also great for those not so widely known films with low-key actors and actresses that are often underrated and often turn out to be hidden gems.

Valley is here to make some recommendations for Netflix choices that you may or may not have heard of. Hilarious comedies, heart-wrenching dramas, and creepy horror movies that you might not click on first– but you’d be glad you did.


“Sex Ed” – A slightly naïve, unexperienced man gets a job teaching middle school kids in the inner city. When he realizes that the students are receiving no form of sexual education, he decides to take matters into his own hands— even though he might not be the most qualified. This golden premise sets the movie up perfectly, and it delivers perfectly uncomfortable humor and even a bit of romance. (Starring Haley Joel Osment)

“Jim Gaffigan Stand-Up Specials” – Valley believes that Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest stand-up comics currently out there. His specials on Netflix are laugh-out-loud funny, covering topics from religion to Hot Pockets, and his clean jokes make them family-friendly.

“Begin Again” – Though it might not be your typical comedy, “Begin Again” offers plenty of laughs along with catchy music you’ll find yourself listening to long after the credits roll. It stars plenty of actors and actresses we already know and love in unique and different roles. (Starring Kiera Knightly, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam Levine)


“In Your Eyes”A man and a woman realize they can hear, see and feel what the other is experiencing, though they come from opposite ends of the United States. A romance ensues, made even greater by the strong chemistry between the main actors. (Starring Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan)

“6 Years”Taissa Farmiga of “American Horror Story” fame stars in this low-budget indie film about a high school romance facing the trials of life in college and beyond. What makes this film so great is how raw and realistic it feels, and the fact that it has an ending that will both satisfy you and keep you thinking. (Starring Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield)

“One Day” — Though the leading actress, Anne Hathaway, is basically a household name, this movie isn’t. It follows two characters, Dexter and Em, showing where they both are each year on the same date. Sometimes they’re together, sometimes they’re not. The movie keeps you second guessing and hits you with an unexpected finale. (Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess)


“Hush”An intruder terrorizes a deaf woman in her secluded home. The dialogue is minimal, but intelligent, and the way this movie approaches home invasion is equally thrilling, terrifying, and surprising. It’s a scary movie, but it’s a smart movie. (Starring Kate Siegel and John Gallagher, Jr.)

“It Follows” In this provocative and frightening film, a girl learns that a curse of sorts has been passed onto her. She finds out that she is constantly being followed by figures trying to kill her, and the only way to get rid of the curse is to pass it on sexually to someone else. The premise is unique, fascinating, and the perfect set-up for bone-chilling jump scares. (Starring Maika Monroe)

“The Invitation”A man attending a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife starts to become suspicious that she might have ulterior motives for her guests. This movie is full of strange twists and turns and has an unexpected and killer ending – no pun intended— maybe. (Starring Logan Marshall-Green)

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