How to Find a Good Formal Date

Ladies, it is that time of the year again. Formal time. The time to dress up in the cutest dress Metro has to offer and our highest Steve Madden heels, and of course to spend the night with our wonderful dates. Dated functions can be a great time for people in relationships or with people with steady hook ups, but for the rest of us, the boyfriendless bunch, we must go on a hunt for a good formal date. While going about looking for a guy to take to formal, you must look for boys that have certain qualities that will contribute to making the night awesome.

He Won’t Try to Get With Other Girls in Your Sorority/Club/Organization

If you are inviting a guy to your formal as a date you, most of the time, have some sort of interest in him. So this means that you would prefer all the wonderful compliments that come out of his mouth throughout the evening are directed to you. Along with any dancing, touching, kissing, etc. There would be nothing worse than third wheeling with your own date and one of your sisters/friends.

He’ll Take Good Pictures With You

This boy cannot be camera shy. And preferably he should be taller than you in your favorite four- inch heels but we can’t always get what we want. There will be a lot of pictures taken through out the night to remember this event, and because you look freaking hot, so your date better be on your arm for every single one. We can’t let Facebook think this hot girl came dateless! Sophomore Anne Lewis says, “My date is really photogenic, he has great bone structure,” she laughs.

He Won’t Be Awkward in Front of People He Doesn’t Know

If you get lucky and your date is friends with everyone at your formal that is awesome you can all bro out all night. But however, under the circumstances that your date only knows you and that one kid he used to sit near in Psych two semesters ago, he better be able to branch out and make friends quickly! You don’t want to have to baby your date, you want him to be able to have a good time.

He Talks to You More Than Just Past Midnight Thursday—Saturday

In case you haven’t realized by now, if this boy is only contacting you late at night on weekends this means that you are a booty call. Sorry for breaking the news. But this also means he is not a worthy date option because he probably doesn’t even know how to talk to you unless he is wasted or his hormones are raging. While he may seem like he is really into you, he probably doesn’t even have your first name spelled correctly in his phone.

He’ll Respect You

Sorry for the confusion but no, being asked to formal is not a ticket into our bedrooms. If we want you, you’ll know. And if we don’t, you will 100% know. So pick a date that knows when to back off and knows how to respect girls. Sophomore Brittany Sacco says, “I know the date I am bringing would never disrespect me. He is a true gentleman.”

He’ll Be a Good Time

Above all else, he has to be a good time! If you want to get up and dance to Shake It Off he better be on the dance floor right next to you. Pick a guy that is going to make you smile and really make the night special. Formal is supposed to be fun so bring someone that will make it just that.

If finding a date wasn’t stressful enough in itself, it is even more stressful to actually find a good one. But these are some qualities that you should really look for when asking a guy. No matter what, good date or bad, formal will be an amazing time with your best friends.

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