How did 48 Venezuelan’s get dropped off in Martha’s Vineyard?

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Last week, 48 Venezuelan migrants were flown from San Antonio, Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard is known to be a popular tourist attraction in Massachusetts. The island is a common vacation spot for Democratic leaders, such as Clinton, Obama and President Biden. 

This political stunt was orchestrated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and cost more than $600,000 in taxpayer money. In an attempt to show liberal hypocrisy on border policies, DeSantis paid to mislead Venezuelan migrants into accepting what sounded like promises for a better life. 

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While standing outside a shelter in San Antonio, a blonde women named Perla claimed to be affiliated with a foundation that helps transport refugees to sanctuary cities. She handed out free fast-food gift cards and promised an overnight stay in a hotel, as well as a free flight to Massachusetts with only one restriction: they couldn’t take pictures. It wasn’t until the pilot mentioned Martha’s Vineyard that the migrants knew exactly where they were going. 

Although Martha’s Vineyard is a robust tourist destination, the fall months are typically an off season and this relocation program was not run by any Massachusetts officials. With no preparations or heads-up, it became an island-wide effort to help these families. The island’s residents provided food, shelter and clothes. AP Spanish students even came to serve as translators when they first arrived. State Rep. Dylan Fernades told Vineyard Gazette, “Our response was humanitarian to a crisis that was politically created.”  

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The migrants spent two days at St. Andrew’s Church in Edgartown. Since they have been relocated to a military base in Cape Cod where attorneys are helping to sort out immigration papers.  

In what looks to be Ron DeSantis’ campaign for reelection, he attempts to make border policies top priority in the upcoming race. This year Florida set aside $12 million for the transportation program. “We’re going to spend every penny of that making sure we get them out of this state.” DeSantis on his new relocation program. Although these migrants were taken from Texas, he claims that they had intentions of moving to Florida. 

In fact, other Republican Governors have been doing similar relocation methods. Republican Governor Greg Abbott sent buses of migrants to be dropped off outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ D.C. residence.  

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Currently, Venezuelans represent the fastest growing migrant group to come to the United States. Many come to make money to support their families back home. Since the U.S. has no diplomatic relations with Venezuela, they are allowed to stay instead of expedited deportation like in other instances. They can remain in the US for months or years waiting on their asylum cases. They are even allowed to work.   

Border security has become a hot topic in the past few weeks. While Republican candidates claim that blue states aren’t doing anything to relieve the issue, and Immigration rights’ groups are worried that migrants are being treated as ‘human cargo.’ 

Since, three of the Venezuelans who were left in Martha’s Vineyard have sued Ron DeSantis for conducting a premeditated, fraudulent scheme to advance political interests. In addition, Texas authorities are investigating if the migrants are victims of being lured under false pretenses. “This is a cruel ruse that manipulates families that are seeking a better life,” said Massachusetts state senator.  


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