Hit the Airports Like An A-Lister

Mannino_AirportFashionWhether you’re studying abroad this summer or planning to take a trip with family or friends, you may get so consumed in packing for your actual trip that you forget to pick out that perfect outfit for the airport.

Some of you may be thinking, why do I need to look good at the airport? Aren’t leggings and a sweatshirt good enough? Well, not according to celebrity standards…

Celebrities have airport style on lock down. Not only do they always look stylish at the airport, but they actually dress smart too, believe it or not. Valley is going to breakdown the top essentials to any airport outfit. 

Oversized Purse: perfect for your personal carry-on item. If you’re wearing sandals to the airport, make sure to pack a pair of socks in your purse for two reasons: when going through security, slip on a pair of socks so you aren’t barefoot in the airport and reason number two, for the most part airplanes are usually cold, so having a pair of backup socks is a must. You also might want to consider packing chapstick, sunglasses, tissues, headphones and gum in your purse as well. Gum is always good to have with you when there are intense altitude changes.

Big Scarves: for the summer, throw on a lightweight summer scarf. Having a scarf for the plane ride is beneficial for two reasons. If you get cold, the scarf can double as a blanket, and if you get tired the scarf can turn into a makeshift pillow on the spot.

Slip-On Shoes: don’t be that person at the airport who holds up the entire security line trying to take their shoes off and on through security. Anything with laces is typically not a good idea, unless your Justin Bieber or Rihanna. Opt for a pair of sandals, slip-on flats or ankle booties instead.

Aside from these essential items, celebrities are also usually spotted wearing baggie boyfriend jeans, floppy hats or fedoras and cardigans to polish off their looks. If you’re looking for some celebrity airport style inspiration, celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have got you covered.

Next time you leave for the airport, remember these essentials and you’ll be hitting the airports like the A-Listers.

Photo by Gabby Mannino


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