Here’s Who You Should Really Spend Your Spring Break With

Spring Break is basically here and there’s so much to look forward to. Reconnecting with friends, cuddling with your pets, being able to binge-watch Netflix and eat homemade meals — it’s a magical time in a college students life. This spring break there’s one person in particular you shouldn’t overlook spending time with and that’s your very own mother. Valley understands that with only a short time home it may be hard to juggle seeing everyone, but here are some reasons why you need to make some time for your mom.

Much needed vent-sesh

When meeting up with friends, everyone’s so eager to share what’s been going on in their own lives that you may not get the advice or support you need from your friends. Your mom has missed hearing about the daily dramas and quandaries you’ve been dealing with and would love to give you all the time you need to vent out your problems.

She needs someone to vent too

Believe it or not your mom has a life too and with you out of the house she probably hasn’t had someone to vent to either. Lets be honest, your dad isn’t the best advice giver. Spending time with your mom and hearing her out will not only bring the two of you closer but will also allow her to de-stress. This way the chances of tensions flaring and fights breaking out over break will surely be diminished.

She gives the best advice

Not only will your mom listen to your endless complaints and dilemmas, but she’s also ready to spit out some solid advice. I’m sure you’ve realized at this point that, whether or not you’ve listened, the advice your mom has given you in the past has always been right. I’m not sure what it is but moms have this sixth sense about boys, friendships and all of life’s complexities. Your friends mean well, but just like you, they’re still learning. Your mom has been there and done that and learned the hard way. Listen to her!

You’ll learn more about each other

Growing up it may have seemed like your mom was never a teenager and must have just been born a 40 year old woman ready to raise some children. Well, you’re wrong. You’re a young adult and, at this point in your life, probably have far more in common with your mom than you’ve ever realized. You can easily learn more about each other by seeing a movie, exploring a city, or simply just talking. Talk about things that matter, too. It’s fun to catch up on drama but it’s also important to get to know your mom on a deeper level. It could be politics, movies, culture, art, but finding out these things about each other is so important. Sometimes mom’s can feel lost in the role of care-taking and being to lose sight of their own identity. Reminding her that you’re interested in what makes her, her is a gift that you couldn’t put a price on.

Paying it forward

There’s nothing like time away from home and your mom to realize just how much she does for you. Laundry, cooking, cleaning — all done by her. This break try to help her out and lessen the load of her work at home. Most moms juggle a career and being the main care-taker at home, and although they make it look easy, it’s not. Helping her out and maybe cooking for her and the family one night will show her just how much you appreciate what she’s always been doing for you.

If you can’t be with your mother this spring break, make it a point to give her a call and chat for awhile. Let her know you miss her and are thinking about her. It’s an easy thing to do and it’ll make a world of a difference!

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