Great Pumpkin Finds

Vavreck.Pumpkin1It seems like just last week we were enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps but soon we’ll be flocking to the stores downtown for new boots and scarves to ward off autumn’s chill. The good news is that the cooler season brings a rich pumpkin flavor to campus. Here are a few of our favorite pumpkin finds on campus:

1. Starbucks has its fall staples, pumpkin bread and a pumpkin spice latte, on its menu. Zach Davis, a sophomore and barista, said that a lot of people will stick to their usual iced chai tea or mocha latte but some people welcome a change to the menu.

“There are so many different drinks that it’s easy to not notice or want to get the seasonal drinks,” Davis says. “But it’s kind of fun to switch it up. It’s like a signal that it’s fall and time to get used to it.”

2. Coffee shops in residence areas have pumpkin pie lattes to offer students another way to get into fall. It’s an easy morning pick-me-up to go along with the on-the-go breakfast options the dining commons offer.

3. What better pumpkin product is there than an actual pumpkin? Near Eisenhower Auditorium, the vegetable cellar offers a variety of vegetables and fruits that are freshly harvested right before sale. It’s easy to pass up the small garage that opens only one day a week, but inside are apples, squash, potatoes and even pumpkins. Take one home to make roasted pumpkin, puree the pulp for soups or toast the seeds for a tasty snack on the go.

4. If you want to venture a little off campus, Fasta and Ravioli on South Fraser Street makes pumpkin ravioli that is a little on the sweet side. Vanilla wafers and a little pumpkin pie filling make this ravioli a special fall treat that can give traditional meat or cheese-filled ravioli a run for their money.

5. If you’re not quite ready to give up all the joys of warmer weather, the Creamery has pumpkin pie ice cream that lets you enjoy the best of summer and fall. Pumpkin-flavored ice cream with pie crust pieces will make you wish it was Thanksgiving break already so you could get a piece of the real thing.

We haven’t even touched on the options at the Au Bon Pain on campus yet—cookies dotted with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin muffins— but it’s clear campus is welcoming fall with open arms. Autumn can’t be too bad if that means we can all indulge in our favorite pumpkin options.

Photo by Alex Vavreck


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