Good Days Coming for SZA Fans

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After the release of her record-breaking song “Good Days” at the end of last year, SZA just released her music video on March 5, with a teaser of her new song that made its debut on TikTok.

The music video starts off very mellow and relaxing with some retro vintage film edits before cutting to real-time and a recording of SZA laying on her bedroom floor. The scene then cuts to SZA in a forest, rooted half-way into the ground, surrounded by moss, flowers and mushrooms using high-quality film.

The video starts with her in neutral shaggy bottoms and a retro bikini top accented with simple jewelry. She begins to move in the hole she is rooted in, before escaping and carrying out a dance of expression with pores being released from her. The film throughout the video was a creative mixture of high-quality film and retro film.

The other scenes present SZA in an elegantly studded bikini and high pumps, as she slowly swings from a pole in the middle of a red-lit library; as well as her resting in the forest but this time in a champagne bikini and studded see-through coverup. Towards the end of the song, she lays still on the forest floor as pores are released from her body and the camera cuts to her back on the floor of her bedroom, as we just witnessed her dream.

In the final cut of the video, we are met with another pole in the middle of a red-lit, perfectly clean gas station, as she dances wearing a white top, denim shorts, white socks and reflective high pumps. She then teased the beginning and main beat we all recognize. One of the songs to be released on the album that has been trending on TikTok as “Shirt.” The song had a deep beat and clean cut end to close out the music video.

Ultimately, the video follows SZA as she dreams of her life as a plant, from birth to death, contrasted by her pole dancing scenes. This video is an innovative take on the lyrics of her song, where she sings about trying not to lose the rest of herself after exerting all her effort into a past relationship; battling to still have good days, which we see from the simplicity and calmness of the pole scenes to the expressive dances she cycles through in the forest. The stages of dance almost represent her stages of grief and finally letting go of the relationship, letting it die in the past.

The video already has 3.5 million views on Youtube and the song itself has risen to number one on the charts and has remained steady on the Top 10 on all music platforms for weeks.

Video posted by SZA on Youtube

Since her last album release in 2017, fans are eager for her to release the new album. SZA has been working 12 hours a day and promises the album is coming soon. Her songs are genuine and impassioned, representing snippets of her life and how she feels in the moment in a way that is unlike music that is trending.

In an interview with PopSugar, she stated,”I considered myself to be singing the blues with rhythm or just singing how I f**king feel, period.” Her music is rooted in emotion and though the world has placed her in music into the genre of R&B, it can’t be certain what music to expect on her album, but its originality is sure to land her songs on the top charts.

When she isn’t singing, SZA has been known to be passionate about climate change, creating a more sustainable environment and is a partner with Tazo — having launched Tazo Tree Corps in February, planting trees in BIPOC communities.

SZA fans can expect to hear her album soon, and they can be sure it will be taking the stage on all music platforms.



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