Flirting 101

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Cuffing season has only just begun which means it’s time to pair up with someone to keep you warm on those cold nights. You’ve probably spotted someone in one of your classes, at the gym or across the HUB that makes you go weak at the knees, but don’t know how to get their attention. VALLEY has the tips and tricks to help you cuff your crush.

Getting His or Her Attention

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You can’t lock them down if they don’t know who you are. In order to capture their attention, walk by them as many times as possible. Once you make your grand entrance into a room, walk back out and make it twice as memorable as the first. After walking by four or more times, sit as close to them as you can get and stare at them every five minutes or so—just until they look at you so you can shyly look away.


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Drop your books and belongings directly in front of them. This accomplishes the goal of getting noticed and they might even help you pick them up. Say something like, “Oh I’m such klutz!” with a light laugh. You could also lean in eavesdrop on a conversation he or she is having with a fellow friend, and all you have to do is jump right in and give your two cents on their discussion. Now that you’ve got a conversation going, laugh at EVERYTHING they say: people love to know that they’re funny, even when they’re not. Maybe even throw in a playful arm touch too! If you run out of things to talk about, bat your eyelashes and pretend you don’t own a watch, laptop or phone and ask him what time it is.

Act The Part

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This is where you do some research. Lurk across all his social media platforms. Rifle through his or her celebrity crushes, WCW’s and MCM’s to come up with their dream date. Dress the part: get shopping and present yourself in a way that provokes his or her interest. Whether that means showing more skin or dressing in traditional cultural garb, just do it. Pretend to like the same things that he does too! Don’t even so much as think of mentioning things that you like. Ask them what they’re interested in. All you have to do is just smile, nod your head and say “Me too!” Everyone likes someone else who’s agreeable. Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, and, if you truly want a BAE, you should consider dousing yourself in pheromones, a scent used to attract that special someone’s attention.

Reel Them In

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Now that you’ve got their attention, time to seal the deal. Now it would go way beyond the proper flirting etiquette to tell them yourselves, so send a friend over and have them ask about how he or she feels about you. Make sure that when they turn around to look at you, you’re laughing and being fun only to look over and give a friendly wave. Do not make the first move though, always wait for them to approach you. Don’t be too available, but don’t act too disinterested.

Last Resort

If all else fails, just go up to them, find a common ground and treat them like you would treat anyone else. Just be yourself because that person that you find cute in your class is just another person, and, at the end of the day, everyone wants to meet a decent, genuine human being.