Fitness Class Marathon

Photo by Ryan Salamo

It’s the middle of the week, mid-semester, and you’re swamped with schoolwork, but need to make it to the gym for even a little bit. It can be difficult for most of us to get through just one fitness class in a day, sometimes even a week, but, on March 1, three gentlemen dressed in orange completed 12 back to back fitness classes. Yes, 12.

What started off as a love for fitness classes soon became a challenge that they intend to make an annual tradition. Last year, John Ake and Tyler Davis, two Penn State IT employees, challenged each other to see who could take the most fitness classes in one day, until they eventually challenged each other to take as many as possible in one single day. Ake says, “We really do it for fun because working out is fun. We love the instructors, they’ve been great!”

On Wednesday, exactly one year later from the original date, they took the day off and blocked out all the classes they would attend starting at 8 AM. This year, Mitch Ake, a junior majoring in Kinesiology and John Ake’s son joined them. Together they took Pilates, Full Body Workout, Butts & Guts, Power Remix, another Pilates class, Total Muscle Challenge, Yogalates, Calorie Killer, ZUMBA, Washboard Abs, Barre Fitness, and Hatha Yoga.

Out of the twelve classes taken, they pretty much all agreed that Power Remix was their favorite class. Mitch says, “It was the best class. It had so much energy and I had so much fun. The teacher was awesome.”

They haven’t been training for this day, but they do work out regularly, which did help them. Even though their lower backs and legs were hurting a little they had fun and got stronger while doing it.

The challenge is and will be open to anyone who wants to take it, and they hope to have more people participate in the future. “Hopefully we can start something and raise money in the future, because we kind of just threw it together, but hopefully we can grow from here.”

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