Fenty Beauty: 40 Shades of Flawless

Posted by FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA | @fentybeauty

Back at it again with her latest move in total world domination,  Rihanna has launched a brand new global makeup line, and, just as any of us could have guessed, it’s amazing. Fenty Beauty dropped earlier this September and is already the freshest new makeup line on the market, selling products worldwide online and in over 1,500 locations in 17 countries. From those chart-topping tracks to red carpet looks that could kill, Fenty Beauty, much like what most of Rihanna does, is groundbreaking. The almost unrealistically aesthetically pleasing line draws from Rihanna’s own beauty staples— pigmented colors, a super smooth shimmer and soft, flawless coverage.

About the Brand

Fenty Beauty isn’t just another run-of-the-mill celebrity makeup brand. This beauty line focuses first and foremost on the true nature of diversity that’s inherent in beauty.

As Rihanna states in her “Behind Fenty Beauty” video on Fenty Beauty’s site, she created this line with inclusivity in mind, aiming to create products that could be used in her own words, “by women of all ages, all sizes, all skin tones, all religions, all cultures. I wanted women to feel included.”

A brand that not only acknowledges our differences as present in the first place, but beautiful in their own way, is a brand that should pave the way for every beauty ideal to come.

Product Breakdown

So, really, how could Rihanna possibly have created a makeup line that works with women worldwide?  There are forty— that’s right forty— shades in both her Pro Filt’r matte foundation and Match Stix matte skinstick that match up flawlessly with any skin tone. The extremely inclusive goal of Fenty Beauty is already well under way, revolutionizing the beauty industry one shade at a time. In just the first week of Fenty Beauty going live, Sephora has already sold out of the eight darkest shades of foundation that are up for grabs, putting to shame every other beauty brand with a limited selection of colors. Along with this wide-ranging foundation and concealer duo, Fenty Beauty also boasts a flawless primer, a shimmer stick, a freestyle highlighter, lip gloss, matte blotting powder and all the tools you could ever need. The Pro Filt’r instant retouch primer comes in one universal pink shade that erases pores and leaves skin smooth and perfectly prepped for foundation. The Match Stix shimmer stick comes in ten colors, perfect for bronzing, blushing and mixing and matching up your beauty routine. One of Rihanna’s self-proclaimed favorites, the Killawatt freestyle highlighter, is a creamy and powdery hybrid of super shimmer that comes in six shades of single colors or complementing duos. The Gloss Bomb universal lip luminizer comes in one rose nude shade and is packed with super shine and a peachy-vanilla scent that can make any pair of lips pop. The Invisimatte blotting powder is completely translucent and perfect for on-the-go touchups. Last, but absolutely not least, Fenty Beauty supplies the perfect brushes and tools to apply your perfect shade flawlessly.

Every Fenty Beauty product that Rihanna has dreamed up and created for all of us to love is a true game changer. She’s created a brand that makes anyone purchasing feel not only beautiful, but undeniably included and in the most glamorous way possible. Think about it: Ri’s not only supplying the perfect soundtrack for each of our weekend makeup rituals, but now the actual makeup, too?  Iconic.