FaceAge: Unifying Generations

Photo courtesy of FaceAge

Looks can be deceiving – and it’s because of this that there is a disconnect between younger and older generations. A disconnect that prevents us from being able to understand one another at all. A disconnect that we simply cannot deny – and one that FaceAge simply won’t let us.

The FaceAge film is a 56-minute long, six part installation of interconnected videos filled with meaningful, cross-generational encounters. These encounters capture participants studying and describing one another’s faces, while realizing just how important it is to recognize what we all have in common. These 12 participants make assumptions about who the others they’re meeting for the first time are – and they learn just how wrong assumptions can actually be.

FaceAge will premiere tonight at 7 p.m. at The State Theatre in downtown State College. The premiere is the perfect, insider opportunity to take in the FaceAge experience before the film’s national tour in 2019.   

FaceAge’s six chapters showcase footage documented to help us better understand the similar challenges of aging that we all face – regardless of generational difference. These chapters include Assumptions, Mask & Deception, Memory, Mortality, What the Face Holds and Being Seen. Each of these six chapters explore the many dimensions that make up what it means to grow old by using real footage, home videos and photos from the participants’ lives as they connect with one another and reflect on their own experiences.

This already award-winning film is a must see for everyone of every age. It allows viewers to watch as outdated stereotypes about growing old are challenged by individuals breaking past the disconnect, and developing honest connections through their own life experiences. It’s an eye-opening piece created specifically for no specific generation.

Stop by the State Theatre box office to pick up free tickets or redeem tickets online here. You can even receive free cover at The Basement following the premiere if you show your ticket stub!


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