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Black Friday sales have come and gone, but Christmas is quickly approaching and there are still many presents to be bought. As busy college students, we don’t have the time or money to spend on over priced Christmas gifts. Buying gifts can be tedious and very time consuming, and with finals season right around the corner, buying presents needs to be as quick and time efficient as possible.

Luckily, there are many online sites that offer great deals every day of the week, not just Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These sites, including GroupOn, RueLaLa, and the Fancy, offer products and services for significantly less than retail stores, making them convenient for gifts or for you. The catch? These products rotate through the website and have a time limit for how long they are available. Even though you can access the site at any time, the specific product or service you want may only be available for a certain number of days.

RueLaLa, for example, has specific boutiques on their site. New boutiques are added at 11 a.m. and stay open for 48 hours. Sophomore Alex Schneider uses for all his shopping and gifts, and says that the site is “cheaper than the usual prices” and “very convenient.”

GroupOn works a little differently. This site offers specific deals for both local and national products and services. In order to receive the service, you must purchase it online within the given time window. This ensures that the company is making a profit, and that you get the best deal possible. The Fancy allows you to make personalized wish lists to search for products, while helping you unlock deals along the way. Their latest promotion is a $30 “Fancy Box,” that for just $30 a month, The Fancy will compile a box of items you might like from your wish lists and personalized information.

Holiday shopping just got a lot easier. Without ever getting out of bed, get all the gifts you need at ridiculously low prices.

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