Breast Cancer Awareness: Check and Prevent

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month- a whole month dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and fundraising for research.

For us, it’s also time to think about prevention. But, let’s be honest, self-examinations are awkward and uncomfortable, and most of us don’t really know what we’re looking for.

Like most college students, Kelsey Silver, a sophomore education major, admits that she does not check as much as she should; in fact, she has performed a self-check only “once or twice because my doctor recommended it,” she says.

Thankfully, there are other preventative measures we can take that will reduce the chance of these lumps occurring in the first place.

It all comes down to keeping our bodies healthy. This includes eating nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, and also avoiding foods high in fat content. And, of course, exercise.

This month especially, if you find yourself making excuses instead of going to the gym, you can find extra motivation in knowing you are helping your body prevent cancer.

Another way to decrease our risks of developing breast cancer is to decrease our alcohol intake. College students might not want to hear it, but studies show that there is a relationship between alcohol intake and breast cancer ( An easy tip to reduce alcohol intake is to set drinking limits before going out, so you know when to stop.

Prevention is an every day task, but it’s simple. We love our ta-ta’s — so take care of them!

Photography by Jill Podhor


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