Dear Penn State, Thank You for Jamba Juice

JambaJuice_JessicaLaGrecaWhen I heard that Penn State was getting a Jamba Juice in the HUB I honestly could not believe it. Could it be? The smoothie place that I’ve only been able to treat myself to while in New York could really be coming here? In our HUB?  But it’s true; we’ve been blessed with another great food chain on campus.

I have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Jamba Juice since I heard it was going to open this fall, but I was sorely disappointed that it was not ready on the first day of classes. I needed my smoothie! So you can imagine how fast I jumped at the chance to get to the HUB as soon as I heard it was open and serving up treats.

Tucked into the back corner of the food court I spotted it–smoothies awaited me and my body was ready. Since I was there between classes there was not much of a line and I was helped almost immediately. The menu was clear with a good amount of options and I went for the classic Strawberry-Surf Rider smoothie. The menu listed the calories of each drink, which was helpful, and there is an option to make your smoothie “light” using low fat yogurt, so I went for that.

As you order you are given the choice to add boosts to your smoothie such as vitamin C or an energy shot. You can also go wild and add some kale if you are feeling extremely health conscious. After ordering, my smoothie was served to me quickly and the staff was extremely friendly. I was very satisfied with the quality of my order and returned the next day. Since the staff is still working hard to learn the menu and be efficient there is temporarily not an option to personalize your order beyond the exact description of the smoothies on the menu. But have no fear, as soon as the staff has the menu down you will be able to add or substitute certain items in your order to make the smoothie even more delicious.

I hope this review has left your mouth watering in anticipation and you are on your way to Jamba Juice right now. Thank you Penn State for giving us an additional awesome dining option on campus.

Photo by Jessica LaGreca

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