Creative Ways to Wear a Chunky Sweater

Florio.ChunySweaterChunky sweaters are taking over Pinterest boards and clothing racks. These oversized sweaters are so comfy and easy to wear that they have stayed on trend through many seasons now. Simply pairing them with jeans or leggings is too easy.

Amp up your chunky sweater by incorporating it with current trends: touch on the rocker trend by pairing it with a leather piece. Throw your sweater over a mini leather skirt and tights, as recommend by Emily Keefe, manager at Blue IV. For class, slip on a pair of Steve Madden Troop or Doc Marten 1460 8-Eye boots. Keefe mentioned pairing the ensemble with bootie heals for going out at night.

For a completely different look, plaid flannels pair nicely with chunky sweaters. They’re cozy and can work with almost any outfit. Pull a sweater over the plaid button up and let the collar peek through neck line or the shirttail show around the bottom. This will add a pop of color to your sweater. Emphasizing the collared also touches on the menswear trend. Pairing a feminine colored sweater with a collared shirt will strike a perfect balance.

Before the weather changes for good, wear your oversized sweater with a pair of distressed jean shorts and cool pair of kicks. Perfect the “I just rolled out of bed” look and Boho vibe at the same time. Once the fall breeze becomes too brisk, exchange the shorts for a pair of boyfriend jeans. If you’re going to wear an oversized sweater with boyfriend jeans, make sure to add feminine accessories—we don’t want to take the menswear inspired trend too literally.

Oversized sweaters are also a vintage trend. “Back in the 80’s we would wear our faux leather coats and throw chunky sweaters on top with the collar showing out of the sweater,” says Susan Dreibelbis, owner of Blue IV. She also said that her friends would finish the look with a scarf on top.

This 80’s trend still looks chic today. It’s also super convenient for State College weather. Layers are key in the cooler months because we are freezing making the trek to class but start to sweat profusely as soon as we get to our seats. You can remove the jacket and sweater and still look cute with a scarf.

 Photo by Sam Florio


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