Black Beauty: Best Black-Owned Makeup Brands

For decades, the makeup industry has been dominated by brands that were made by white women. That, unfortunately,  has resulted in the exclusion of women of color in everything from foundation colors to highlighters.

Just take a look at YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation, which clearly has an extensive amount of light to medium shades, but only about two deep shades. Thankfully, it’s 2017 and people are realizing that there are more than two deep skin tones. There are some incredible brands that were created by women of color for women of color and have high-pigmentation in everything they make.

Beauty Bakerie

This brand is out of this world! Created by Cashmere Nicole who, according to their website, “wanted to create a brand that contradicted the popular ‘Bad Girl’ persona.” This brand may just have some of longest lasting, highly-pigmented products around. Although they do not currently have any foundation or concealer, they are famous for their liquid lipsticks that last virtually forever (take a look at one of their videos showing how this lipsticks can stand up to soap & water). They have beautiful packaging, lipstick colors that are visible on everyone, and highlighters that work for each skin tone. Plus, their packaging is to die for (insert picture)

Fashion Fair

This brand was created by women of color for women of color. They offer a very wide range of medium to deep foundation and concealer with different undertones. Although they specifically offer skin tones for darker skin, any skin tone can use their highly-pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes.

Plain Jane

Founder Lake Louise, who has a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University, took years to create this brand. She specifically set out to create makeup that used natural and organic ingredients that fit everyone from “ivory to ebony.” The Crème Minerals foundation is 85% organic mineral liquid. They have every skin tone categorized by undertone.

Black Radiance

This is an affordable makeup brand created by women of color that caters specifically to ethnic women. They have amazing contour palettes, lipsticks, and any other must-have makeup you can imagine. Their mission? To celebrate the strength and inner beauty of black women today.

Devin McDuffie, a freshman majoring in Spanish and Political Science, uses Black Radiance as a part of her daily makeup routine. She uses a finishing powder, concealer, mascara and blush by the brand.

McDuffie says, “I use them because they match my tone and they are cheap. It uplifts the black community as well.”

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