Best of THON 2015: Manicures

On any regular day, a rainbow tutu and pink and blue knee high socks wouldn’t necessarily be anyone’s go-to look. However during THON weekend no THON-goer should be caught without these two items.

During this amazing weekend at the BJC Its easy to get swallowed in a sea of crazy hats, tutus, socks, headbands. Walking around the floor there was no shortage of crazy outfits. From bunny ears to superman capes, a few students went the extra mile to add a different spin to their THON-fits. While these fun items are always on a dancer’s THON checklist,  here at Valley we love adding a good manicure to ours.



Dancer Danielle Olson was happy to stop and show us her nails.



Representing R&R, Sophomore Danielle Dolenti made sure she matched all the way down to her finger tips. While she doesn’t know how long she’s been dancing, she definitely knows who she’s dancing for.



Sally Foster has attended THON every year since her freshman year. Now that she’s a senior, dancing for her THON child Olivia Bensinger and Peace Love Lyrical Dance Company have topped off her time at Penn State.



Dancer Relations committee member, Tiana Dorsey decided to go all out for her first time at THON. Valley was impressed by her creativity.



Senior and dancer, was proud to show off her at home manicure for us.


Photos by Kristen Robertson