Ballin’ On a Budget: Luxury Fashion Under $300

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If you’re a fashion lover, it’s likely that you spend time browsing the sites of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other luxury brands. The unfortunate reality is that most of us can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars on one item. Luckily, VALLEY is here to help you out and show you some of our favorite luxury items for under $300. It’s totally possible to treat yourself without breaking the bank!

Key Pouches and Card Holders

If you want to splurge on any luxury item, key pouches and card holders are both great options. There’s a range of different types depending on what works best for you. It’s also a great way to test the waters when it comes to purchasing designer items. If you find yourself loving your key pouch or card holder, you may want to think about investing in something more expensive like a wallet or handbag.

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This Louis Vuitton key pouch is one of the most commonly purchased luxury items, especially by college students. It can be found on the Louis Vuitton website for $210 and it comes in three classic LV prints. Even though you may know a lot of people who own one of these, it’s still 100% worth investing in. The leather makes it extremely durable and it’s perfect for storing cards and cash. You can hook it onto your car keys or even a belt loop.

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The GG Marmont card case in dusty pink is a great option if you’re looking to buy a designer card holder. It can be purchased on the Gucci website for $250. The dusty pink color is neutral, so it can be used with any purse or outfit.

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The Prada Saffiano leather card holder for $280 is the perfect black card holder to add to your collection. You can never go wrong with black leather and the Prada gold detailing that makes this item stand out. If you’re unsure of a designer item to buy, this is the perfect basic.


Belts are a great accessory to buy from one of your favorite luxury brands. They make a statement while also having a very practical use. Belts from brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton typically sell for over $300 if purchased new, but you can find them slightly used at a better price point. If you’re looking for a brand new belt, there are a couple of brands that VALLEY recommends.

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Off-White is a slightly more alternative luxury brand, but it does share the same designer as Louis Vuitton. The Industrial Belt sells for $172 – which is far cheaper than most other designer belts. The bright yellow color of this particular belt is great for making a statement, especially in any streetwear look. It also comes in other colors like black, white and red.

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This Moschino Logo Skinny Leather Belt is a great alternative to the classic Gucci black leather belt. It provides the same look with the black leather and gold hardware, but at only $250.


Jewelry is a perfect way to add some designer items to your closet. Wearing a designer bracelet or ring is a subtle way to elevate your look and add some really cute and fun details to any outfit. These are great items to ask for during the holiday season or for birthdays. Not to mention, jewelry can be kept and worn throughout your whole life if you take care of it correctly.

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The Historic Mini Monogram Bracelet is a timeless jewelry staple. It has everyones favorite monogram print, but it’s subtle enough to not come across as gaudy. It sells for $255 on the Louis Vuitton website. There are also many other leather bracelets by Louis Vuitton that fall in the $200–$300 price range.

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The GucciGhost ring in silver is a great luxury piece to add to your jewelry collection. With a price tag of $235, it’s a great item to purchase if you feel like treating yourself. There are a few other silver Gucci rings with similar price tags under $300 that are also great options if you’re looking for some designer jewelry. Rings like this can be stacked and mixed with other jewelry, but the classic GG symbol definitely makes it stand out.

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