A Triumph In Triota

Triota, Penn State’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Honor Society, is paving the way for all genders and sexualities for a better, more inclusive future. The organization, which has recently partnered with the “I Support The Girls” campaign, is collecting bras of all sizes, tampons and pads from students and faculty to donate to women in need. Junior Jordan Smith, the service chair, talks more about Triota and the incredible things they are doing for those in need.

Smith is in charge of community outreach and coming up with events to help give back. She stresses the importance Triota puts on encouraging people of all genders and sexualities to be their most authentic selves and to feel part of the community.

We’re a group of people who care deeply about the ways that different forms of oppression touch and shape our collective experiences as women and queer folk. Our overall mission is to try and deconstruct the patriarchal systems and attitudes that put us down and empower marginalized groups in any way we can,” says Smith. 

Smith believes “I Support The Girls” is an important campaign for Triota to be a part of. She says she can not even imagine what it must be like to be a woman and not have access to menstrual products during that time of the month. Every donation toward this campaign can help a woman in need, and all donations can be dropped off in the box outside of 130C Willard Building.

Smith also says the organization is working on new upcoming events, such as co-hosting “What Were You Wearing,”  an event that will feature survivors of sexual assault and a few other panels where students can ask questions in a free, safe environment.

Triota welcomes all new members who want to make a difference or have their voices heard. “Triota isn’t a ‘women only’ club — we openly welcome anyone of any gender or sexuality. We’re all about hearing other people’s opinions and perspectives and stories. Our meetings sometimes have a topic, and sometimes the floor is open to talk about whatever is on your mind,” says Smith. As a biotechnology major, she feels it is not necessary to be a women’s studies major. All majors are welcome!

This amazing organization, filled with driven, passionate individuals meets every Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. in 118 Willard. Smith encourages all to come and check out Triota and to be on the lookout for their upcoming events.


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