24 Things About A24

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It’s the company responsible for bringing many of your favorite movies to theaters. It’s the company that pushes the boundaries with edgy and risky content. It’s the company that rivals many massive film production conglomerates with every deliberate decision. It’s A24. 

Some of the most successful and well-received films have come through the distribution/production company A24, and with its prominence on the rise, there’s no time like the present to learn about one of the major players in the modern entertainment game. VALLEY is here with 24 tidbits about A24:

  1. It was founded in 2012 by three individuals (Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges) who left their respective jobs in film and production to found the company that would come to specialize in film distribution.
  2. The company is named “A24” after the Italian Highway (auto strada 24), because this is the road that co-founder Daniel Katz was driving down when he had a moment of clarity about starting the company.
  3. In the fall of 2012, the newly-formed company went to the Toronto Film Festival planning to acquire several movies, which kicked off their American distribution.
  4. The company’s first five films were released in 2013.
  5. One of the first major hits was 2013’s “Spring Breakers,” which did not initially test well with audiences but ended up bringing A24 a lot of success.
  6. In 2013, the company struck up a $40 million deal with DirecTV Cinema, through which DirecTV Cinema would release A24 films 30 days before their theatrical release.
  7. A24’s television division began in 2015 with the production of a USA Network series “Playing House.”
  8. A24 co-produces the new and edgy show “Euphoria” on HBO.
  9. The company has a podcast called “The A24 Podcast,” which puts out episodes including a discussion between two members of the film industry.
  10. As of 2019, A24 has received 25 Academy Award nominations.
  11. In 2016, three films distributed by A24 received Academy Awards: best actress (Brie Larson in “Room”), best documentary feature (“Amy”) and best visual effects (“Ex Machina”).
  12. An A24 film “Moonlight” received six nominations at the 74th Golden Globe Awards and eight nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, including the win for Best Picture.
  13. “Moonlight” was the company’s first original production.
  14. In 2018, A24 was the distributor for Bo Burnham’s feature directorial debut with the film “Eighth Grade.”
  15. The psychological horror film “Hereditary” was A24’s highest-grossing film worldwide when the company acquired it after the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
  16. “Hereditary” was the feature directorial debut of Ari Aster, who also wrote and directed one of A24’s most recent films, “Midsommar.”
  17. “Midsommar” is a film about a group of friends who participate in a Swedish festival that soon turns sinister, and many movie-goers have left the theater mid-film because of its disturbing nature.
  18. A24’s most recent film release “The Farewell” stars Awkwafina and is based on a true story from writer/director Lulu Wang.
  19. A24 acquired the rights to release “The Farewell” over Netflix, Amazon Studios and Fox Searchlight.
  20. The company has partnered with Apple’s new streaming service to produce a slate of original films.
  21. The first feature film under the partnership between Apple/A24 is a Sofia Coppola film called “On the Rocks” starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray.
  22. A24 distributes and produces approximately 18 to 20 films a year.
  23. The company only has a little over 100 employees.
  24. Many filmmakers and high-profile actors and actresses have expressed their fondness for the feel of the smaller, feelings-focused company rather than the bug companies and stiff executives that don’t exude the same level of passion for the work they are putting out to the world.

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