Valley Presents Our Fall 2016 Cover Star… Michael Grasso!

Photo by Vanessa Feng

Michael Grasso is Valley‘s first ever male cover star and we couldn’t be more proud to have chosen such an iconic person to take on this role. Valley‘s goal for this year was to make our magazine relatable to both women and men, creating an all-inclusive read for our Penn State audience. There is something for everyone in this season’s edition, including the empowering and enlightening story of Michael Grasso.

Michael is an integral part of several communities, from the Penn State community, in which he was born and raised, to the drag community, where he performs and shines as Jazzmint Dash. While his journey may have not been the easiest one, it has served as an important lesson in overcoming adversity, perseverance and acceptance, which is an important lesson to share in our society today.

Valley is excited to present to you, Michael “Jazzmint Dash” Grasso, and you can read the rest of his story and much more in this semester’s print edition. Be sure to get your FREE copy on campus and downtown this week, November 14 through November 17, before we run out!