Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

Photo by Carissa Flores

Whether they know it or not, everyone has at least a little bit of creative genius inside of them. This creative genius comes in many different shapes and sizes–maybe you’re a writer, a painter, a musician, or maybe you’re just someone who comes up with really unique ways to memorize information for an exam.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t have to be a Michelangelo or a Beethoven to be a creative genius. Everyone has something unique that they can contribute to the creative realm, and it would be a disservice to both yourself and others to keep that genius tucked away. VALLEY has some simple tips to help unleash it.

Write It Down. Anything.

Maybe you already know that you aren’t a novelist or a poet or perhaps you feel as if you don’t have a way with words at all. However, there are plenty of ways to be a creative writer that could prove to be very entertaining for you and the people you know in the long run. For example, try keeping a dream journal or a “weekend nights” journal. You never know what crazy things will happen in your dreams, or what crazy things will happen in State College on a Friday or Saturday. These are two topics that are some of the most fun to read back on at a later date, and keeping journals like these will both help get the creative juices flowing (colorful commentary about party hopping, anyone?) and make for hilarious stories to share at your next get-together with friends.

Find Your Club Niche 

Some people choose to express their inner creative geniuses through unique past-times or skill sets. Maybe your creativity comes from sewing, or rapping, or writing satirical comedy articles. The great thing about going to a school as large as Penn State is the fact that there’s most likely already a club curtailed to these specific interests. Browsing through the hundreds of clubs that our campus has to offer is a great way to express this skill set while meeting other people who can share your passion and inspire you to do even greater things with the craft.

Attend Inspiration

Another insanely great aspect about a school the size of Penn State is the plethora of shows and performances that you have the opportunity to attend, many of which are free. If perhaps you aren’t ready to put your own creative genius to the test, consider going to a performance from others who are tuning into theirs. Try a slam poetry contest, where the passion behind the words is almost tangible, or a comedy show put on by Penn State’s top comedians. You’ll be entertained, and maybe it will inspire you to put your genius to the test.

VALLEY encourages all of our readers to accept the fact that there is some form of great creativity brewing inside each of you, and even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while, tapping into this creative genius will be worth it in the long run.