Townie Talk: Go parking

State College isn’t itself lately. It’s March, and we’re wearing flip-flops to class. We’re going out without jackets. We’re having cookouts. But hey, we’re not complaining. So when Old Main lawn gets too crowded, here are three off-campus options for you and your beach towel.

Tudek Park
400 Herman Drive

Fact: State College has a butterfly garden. And it’s right next to a field of horses. Yes, the dream date spot exists. If you’re in a romantic mood, get the guy in your life to take you there. And if the guy in your life is a dog (we don’t judge), stop by State College’s only dog park, a part of Tudek.

Sunset Park
850 McKee St.

Jay Paterno memorialized Sunset Park in his eulogy when he recounted watching his shadow next to his father’s as they took a walk. As it turns out, the Paternos aren’t the only ones who enjoy walking through this shady, green spot. At the park’s edge starts a long, scenic bike path that’s popular on warm days.

Spring Creek Park
901 Houserville Rd.

State College is definitely landlocked, but you can get your H2O fix by wading through the cool water of Spring Creek. On sunny days, everyone from moms with their babies to high school seniors skipping school come to dip their toes in the water. The rest of the park is nice, too — there are tennis courts, soccer fields and a volleyball court. That’s enough to please anyone.

Photo by Sam Florio

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