Townie Talk: A million reasons to love Wegmans

OK, five reasons. But if I had time, I seriously could find a million things to love about this place. In fact, the only annoying thing about Wegmans is I always awkwardly bump into professors there, but then that only shows how popular it is.

For those who don’t know, Wegmans is a grocery-store chain that is three steps above Weis groceries and one below Whole Foods. (To quote Goldilocks, “just right.”) Here are five reasons to venture out of downtown to this State College favorite:

Picky paradise

Maybe you have a food allergy or a dietary restriction. Or maybe you’re like me and sometimes go through “I think I’ll try cutting out gluten” phases. Either way, Wegmans has you covered. Just behind the produce, you’ll find a cutesy, wood-shelved section packed with special food products, from organic granola to gluten-free brownies (yes, that’s a real thing).

Café time

Sometimes group lunches are conundrums. Your best friend wants a salad. Your boyfriend wants a burrito. Your roommate wants Chinese. Wegmans, thankfully, solves your problem with a huge selection of ready-to-eat food in its Café. What makes this Wegmans’ Café and not a cafeteria is the cozy atmosphere and delicious food. Enjoy everything from subs and soup, to sushi, smoothies and snacks.

Bulk means “candy”

The word “bulk” sounds unappealing, to say the least. But did you know that Wegmans’ bulk section is actually a room full of candy? Head to the back corner of the store, grab a plastic bag and fill it with jelly bellies, chocolate peanuts or whatever strikes your sweet tooth’s fancy.

Taste some culture

When your language class gets you inspired, pop over to the international section to check out food products from Latin America, Europe and Asia. You can’t find this stuff at any other grocery store in State College. Not to mention, you’ll seem cultured and sophisticated when someone spies the French soda or Swiss candy in your apartment pantry.

Wegmans is at 345 Colonnade Blvd. Take the N or V bus lines.

Photos by Ann Sciandra

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