THON 2016: What Are You Craving?

THON 2016 has officially begun! And one of the essential staples of the weekend are the committed dancers who spend all 46 hours on the floor. Being a THON dancer requires a lot of dedication and energy, and after a weekend doing fun dance moves like the nae-nae and the dab, they slowly begin to crave very specific foods. Valley interviewed eight dancers at THON to find out exactly what their cravings were.

Many Dancers craved very greasy and fatty foods:

“Definitely Chick-Fil-A. Chicken nuggets sound so good right now.” – Jack Rogers, senior, dancing for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“Pizza. Or anything greasy really! I could also really go for some buffalo chicken dip right now.” – Allison Wilkes, sophomore, dancing for Bridges To Prosperity.

“Cheesy delicious nachos. I just really want nachos.” – Peter Thiel, senior, dancing for club lacrosse.

“I really want pizza right now.” – Rachel Beam, senior, dancing independently.

“All I really want is Canyon Wings with Ranchero sauce.” – Tim Appman, senior, dancing for club cross country.   

Other dancers craved foods on the sweeter side of the food spectrum:

“I really want some ice cream.” – Molly Gentile, Senior, dancing for Pillar.

“A Shamrock Shake sounds delicious right now.” – Justin Kleinwaks, senior, dancing for Heal.

“Creamery cookie dough ice cream — with sprinkles! Only from the Creamery though.” – Megan Bigelow, sophomore, dancing for Harrisburg.

46 non-stop hours of intense dancing takes a lot of hard work and determination. Dancers are required to show stamina and willpower in order to stay awake for the full 46 hours. All the cravings are worth it in the end though — it’s all for the kids!