THON 2014: How Dancers Pass the Time

DSC_5665We all get to see the line dance and big performances on the live webcast, but what else is going on on the BJC floor? Valley went to the floor to ask dancers how they pass the time.

There were several people who mentioned playing with the Four Diamond kids at their favorite activity. Nick Fastuca, who sports a golden crown and a cape representing his org Monarch, says, “We have water gun fights with them and toss beach balls with them.”

Fastuca’s dance partner, Kelsey Holland, says, “We told each other what our favorite fictional characters were and guessed which movies some quotes are taken from.”

While some enjoyed playing with kids, there were others who channeled their inner child through artistic activities. Arts and crafts were one of independent dancer Katie Murray’s favorite so far. Murray has already made a hot loop and a glitter crown. Alyssa Grosman, dancer for Boulevard, said she enjoys the line dance and coloring with crayons.

Standing on one’s feet for 46 hours straight is no easy task, which is why dancers like Jon Almoradie appreciate a little pampering. Almoradie, who is dancing on behalf of Beta Alpha Psi, says he likes getting massages from his moraler.

The line dance was also high up dancers’ favorite pastime lists. Independent dancer PJ Spence seemed unable to pick his number one between the line dance and playing with kids.

Kyle Jack, dancer for Phi Mu Delta, said he likes the line dance because it shows unity among all of the people in the BJC. “It has a lot of energy,” he added.

Photos by Ashley Zucker


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