“Therapuss with Jake Shane” Podcast Review

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Jake Shane, otherwise known as @Octopusslover8 or @Passthatpuss, recently released a podcast titled “Therapuss with Jake Shane”, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Podcasts.

Who is Jake Shane?

Tents up! Jake Shane, otherwise known as @Octopusslover8 on TikTok, or @Passthatpuss on Instagram, has recently started a podcast titled “Therapuss with Jake Shane.” Therapuss with Jake Shane’s tagline is “Quality care from unqualified experts!”

Shane blew up on TikTok and Instagram last year, his success is thanks to his skits, reviews of octopus, and making acronyms, which he calls “nyming.”

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What is “Therapuss with Jake Shane”?

He announced the start of his podcast on January 1, with the debut episode being released on January 4, 2024. Shane releases one episode every Wednesday. The episodes, or sessions, range from 32 to 44 minutes long. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Podcasts.

So far, he’s had his friends Julia Mervis, Payton Purther, Canadian singer-songwriter Tate McRae, Brett Chody, and Kennedi Draper. Additionally, Shane recently teased that his upcoming guest is Mean Girl’s Regina George, played by Renée Rapp.

The premise of the podcast is that Shane and his guests allow fans to receive therapy sessions for whatever inconvenience they’re currently going through. On the podcast, the guests read different submissions from his fans, who have submitted their frustrations or issues, on his website, passthatpuss.com, then they “pusscribe” their “pusscriptions”.

The concept of pusscribing mirrors the “Tell me what’s wrong” segment that Shane frequently hosts on his Instagram story. After the first session was released, the podcast was ranked third on Spotify’s list of “Top Comedy Podcasts” in the US on January 11.

Photo from @blackprints on Instagram.com
“Tents Up” or “Tents Down?”

With podcasts like The Toast, Just Trish and Call Her Daddy, it’s clear that podcasts are all the rage at the moment! Therapuss with Jake Shane offers a unique twist to the conventional podcast approach, as it is centrally focused on the input and voices of his fans.

Most of the pusscriptions are quite comical, like pusscribing watching “Jersey Shore” for a fan who submitted that her ex-boyfriend is going to soon be a contestant on “Love Island Australia. The podcast’s set includes “Puss University” diplomas on the wall and plushy octopi. 

His second episode, which features Julia Mervis and Payton Purther, also included a skit. In this skit, Shane plays Taylor Swift, Purther as Brittany Mahomes, and Mervis as Selena Gomez, where they roleplay Gomez and Swift Facetime Mahomes after she was featured in the latest Skims campaign.

Compared to other podcasts, the sessions are shorter, but that doesn’t shy away from the podcast being entertaining and informative – especially regarding pop culture. Therapuss with Jake Shane is humorous and enjoyable – perfect for those in need of a lighthearted podcast!

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