The single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re single again this year. You’re tempted to dress in black, eat ice cream in bed and snub everything pink and romantic. But we’re here to tell you there’s no need. With the proper outlook, any girl can have a blast, regardless of her relationship status on Facebook. So grab your single friends and try these five no-fail ways to brighten your V-Day.

Drink pink

Making a festive cocktail or faux-cocktail is easy — just mix a little grenadine into your clear, bubbly drink. (We love it with ginger ale.) Serve in the cutest glasses you have, and toast with your friends to the best Valentine’s Day yet.

Chocolate, duh

Who said boyfriends were the best part of this holiday? Valentine’s Day is an excuse to go haywire on sweets. For a cute activity, grab some friends to bake a fresh chocolate cake. Write your names with icing, cut it into the shape of a heart — go all out. And if you know anyone who has one, chocolate fountains never hurt!

Love fest

Couples aren’t the only ones sharing affection today. Make valentines for your single friends so everyone feels loved. Write your friend to let her know how much she means to you, or simply to make her laugh. Then slip the note under her door.

Celebrate it

On Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the attitude. If you spend the holiday sulking, you’re obviously going to hate it. So, if you’re prone to moping, do whatever it takes to perk you up, whether that’s a Friends marathon, your lucky T-shirt or good ol’ caffeine. Because, really, apart from all that lovey-dovey stuff, Valentine’s Day is just a celebration of chocolate, hearts and pink. And any girl can dig that.

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