The “No-Makeup” Makeup Routine

Looking for the perfect morning routine to get you feeling (and looking) fresh-faced for the final weeks of summer? Makeup gurus such as Chloe Morello, Carli Bybel, and more have explained their take on the ultimate “no-makeup” look that is ideal for everyday errands, going to the beach or even hitting the gym.

Many people tend to feel judged when they wear makeup anywhere other than a night out on the town or a fancy event. This foolproof routine is quick, easy, and it looks completely natural, so you’ll feel like your best self without a layer of caked-on makeup covering your natural beauty.

Step 1: Wash your face

No amount of makeup will look its best if it doesn’t start off with a clean canvas. This may in fact be the most important step, it will create a smooth, hygienic base that will allow the makeup to blend in seamlessly, instead of sitting on top of your skin.

Step 2: Moisturize

In order to avoid any dry patches where makeup may reveal some discoloration or roughness, make sure to smooth on a lightweight facial moisturizing lotion or serum. After your moisturizer sets in, you have the option to apply a primer to blur any pores, and create a more even complexion.

Step 3: Apply a tinted BB cream

Instead of a heavy foundation, cover any imperfections by using a BB cream or tinted moisturizer all over the face. You can do this using your fingertips or a damp beauty blender in order to really press it into the skin. This will give you the same effect of a foundation, just with lighter coverage and a more dewy finish.

Step 4: Conceal

Just like any other day, conceal your under eyes using your fingertips or a beauty blender. Then, instead of completely covering any pimples or imperfections, use a super thin eyeliner brush and lightly swipe it overtop, just disguising them enough so it looks natural, and any bumps are not drowning underneath layers of makeup.

Step 5: Tame your brows

If there is one thing that can really make a difference when it comes to your makeup, it is definitely the eyebrows. They define your eyes and frame your face, so it is important that they are “on fleek” at all times. Simply brushing through them with a clear brow gel can do the trick for some people, while others may still want to fill in sparse areas with a brow pencil. Focus on lightly filling in the brows, not drawing them on. Use a gradient method to use the most product on the outer brow, getting lighter as you move in towards the center.

Step 6: Lashes

Curl and coat your lashes lightly with your favorite mascara. Try to use a mascara with more spaced out bristles to avoid clumping. The key here is to apply as little as you can until they are just slightly longer and fuller than when they were when they were bare.

Step 7: Bronze and finish

Part of what makes this makeup look like you’re hardly wearing makeup at all is that there are no harsh powder products that tend to mattify the face. However, just to add a final sun kissed glow, adding a light stroke of your favorite bronzer can effortlessly pull together the whole face. To avoid that unnatural glittery look that a lot of bronzers create, the best product is “Hoola” bronzer by benefit cosmetics. It is the tried and true way to get that naturally chiseled and contoured look we all wish we “naturally” had, adding a ton of dimension to your face. Sweep this in the hollows of your cheeks, on the top of your forehead, and in the creases of your temples, and… voilà!

Simply following these seven easy steps can make your routine speedy and stress-free! To watch some of the pros do their take on “no makeup” makeup, watch their tutorials here: