The Genius Stylist Behind Dua Lipa’s Iconic Looks

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If you don’t think Dua Lipa is an absolute fashion icon, you might need to rethink after seeing her showstopping ensembles at the 2021 Grammys. This isn’t the first time that Lipa has served us fabulous fashion. She has been serving looks ever since she hit the pop scene, all with the help of her genius stylist Lorenzo Posocco.

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram

Posocco is a London-based stylist whose work can be described as “sleek and aspirational, yet fearless and relatable,” according to his website. He has worked with Lipa for a few years now, leveling up her fashion game with his eccentric style.

During his college years, Posocco was originally set on studying fashion design. However, in an interview with Paper Magazine, he said he soon “realized he was more interested in the storytelling aspect of fashion.” Posocco opted for a Marketing and Communications degree instead, going on to land internships and jobs with designers early on in his career. These experiences helped him to become an assistant stylist at MTV, kicking off his career in big ways.

Posocco cites the 80s and 90s fashion scene in Italy as an influential factor in his entering the fashion industry, admiring designers like Gianni Versace and Miuccia Prada. “Italian fashion during those decades was really at its best,” Posocco told Paper. “They made a real impact on me and inspired me to move to Milan and pursue a career in the industry.”

When Posocco started working with Lipa, it was clear that they were a dream team. As Lipa became one of the biggest names in music, Posocco made sure to dress her like the pop queen she is.

He has ensured that she is one of the biggest names in not only the music industry but the fashion industry. Lipa’s outfits have a retro feel, resembling fashion from the 90s with a Posocco twist. Whether going for a more casual look or rocking a full red-carpet ensemble, Lipa’s looks never disappoint.

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram

We want to thank Posocco for giving us these other iconic looks…

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram

She is definitely the only one that can rock a pink loofah dress.

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram

She looks classy but still looks edgy. That is an accomplishment.

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Need we say anything about this look? Amazing.

Posocco’s most recent masterpiece was on display at the 2021 Grammy Awards. Lipa was styled in multiple custom pink outfits from Versace. Posocco’s vision was carried out impeccably as Lipa was one of the best dressed at the Grammys.

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram
Photos from @lorenzoposocco and @dualipa on Instagram
Photo from @_dualipa_fanpage on Instagram

We have no doubt that this duo will continue to impress us with these stylish inventions, and we just can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Photo from @lorenzoposocco on Instagram

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