The Best of Both Worlds — Fashionable and Sustainable

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You wear clothes that make you feel good, simple as that. You aim to come off as trendy and cool as possible while wearing something you deem flattering and practical — but what about sustainable? We all know how toxic fast fashion is to the environment, with its harmful production of pollution and carbon, which can make buying the perfect outfit a much more daunting task. An environmentally destructive outfit is an outfit that VALLEY wants no part of, so here is our list of sustainable brands because loving the earth is so in.

Banks Journal

The mission of Banks Journal is “to merge style & function with a sustainable approach to design and development.” Banks Journal is a surf brand that is organic and ethical while also modern and unique. They offer shirts and pants along with blankets and hats that you can confidently wear without worrying about its effect on the earth. The page on their website entitled “Our Story” explains that the brand is “infused with a unique blend of Japanese and Australian heritage.” They also state their belief that “our actions have a direct impact on the world we live in, and it is our responsibility to make an effort to preserve it.” long story short— they get it.

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The name Kelly Slater may ring a bell, but in case it doesn’t, he is known as the greatest surfer of all time, no joke. Knowing this, it makes sense that he would care about the wellbeing of the earth just as much as we do, which led him to create his own fashion brand that capitalizes on just that. In partnership with designer John Moore, they created this higher-end fashion that encompasses sustainability by using resources like recycled fish nets to create the perfect men’s and women’s look book. According to Kelly himself, off his website, “sustainability is not a marketing slogan or something we take lightly. Sustainability is literally who we are. Sustainability is why the company exists.”

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House of Sunny

This trendy and colorful brand reduces their production to two seasonal times a year in order to disassociate themselves from the fast fashion realm. Taking part in what they call “slow fashion” allows them “time to research then source sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods,” according to their website. Founder Sunny Williams of East London designs creative, vintage, trendy and most importantly sustainable and environmentally responsible clothes that attract many buyers, even famous ones like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid.

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MATE the Label

Coming from Los Angeles, MATE the Label is a cozy, athletic brand that is focused upon the self-proclaimed “mate eight”— clean, essential, organic, ethical, women-centered, plastic-free, circular and local. Founder Kayti Carr has made these eight elements all key entities of her brand, which has led to much success within the company. This “clean” fashion that they chase after is much less damaging, while still remaining cute and convenient.

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