The 2021 Grammy “Savagery”

Image provided by Recording Academy/ GRAMMYs on YouTube

A nearly immobilized in shock female rapper from Houston Texas, 26-year-old Megan Thee Stallion, accepts the Grammy award for her 2020 song “Savage,” with none other than Queen B at this year’s 63rd ceremony. They’d been awarded a Grammy for the Best Rap Song of 2021, standing as the only female nominees in the category. Up against four other extremely talented rappers, Lil Baby, Roddy Rich, DaBaby and Drake; the H-Town icons the win home to Texas on GRAMMY night.

Image provided by Recording Academy/GRAMMY’s on Youtube

Overwhelmed with excitement, emotion and gratitude, Megan approached the stage coupled with her childhood idol, Beyoncé. Megan explained in her acceptance speech that she’d looked up to Beyoncé for all of her young life. She’d even solve her times of crisis with the simple question of “What would Beyoncé do?”

Photo provided by Recording Academy/GRAMMY’s on Youtube

Watching two generations of fearless Houston women break the charts on their single amidst a global pandemic and bring a Grammy home to Texas was absolutely a win for the books. The two approached their acceptance speech with very different physical mannerisms. It’s very obvious that Beyoncé had displayed a level of comfort in her acceptance, where she gave space for Megan to do her thank you’s while also grasping the shocking moment of winning a Grammy award.

We not only were able to observe the gratitude and love that Megan has for her supporters and team but also watched her absolutely serve in her live performance of “Savage” on the GRAMMY Stage. She’d spent months in preparation for this performance, which can all be found on her Youtube series Hottie World.

Image provided from @theestallion on Instagram

It is most notably any upcoming artist’s dream to be taught by their musical idol. In this case, Megan Thee Stallion was able to share a remarkable song and even more remarkable Grammy-winning moment with the woman that drew her love to music from a young age.

With this being Beyoncé’s 27th won Grammy to date, she has set and surpassed records beyond belief. This Best Rap Song Grammy award tied her for the all-time record for most Grammy Awards won ever by a female artist. Not only at age 39 has she surpassed this female record, but she surpassed all won awards by men and women in Grammy history.

Image provided by Recording Academy/GRAMMY’s on Youtube

Comedian and 2021 Grammy Award Host, Trevor Noah, took their final time on stage following the acceptance of their Grammy, to provide recognition to all that Queen B has brought to the music industry.

The Savagery that was their single brought light upon the darkness that was the COVID pandemic. The single streamed multiple times daily by listeners all over the world. Our two H-Town queens produced music that helped people find positivity in the hectic unfortunate reality of the pandemic, and for that, we applaud their Grammy win and await more to come!


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