tentree: A Clothing Company With A Purpose

Photo by Elise D.

Tentree is a company that seeks to help the environment, one article of clothing at a time. With every piece of merchandise they sell, they plant 10 trees in the ground in countries throughout the world.

“Our objective with tentree is to create the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet,” said CEO Derrick Emsley. “We’re not just an environmental impact, but also create a social impact.”


According to their mission statement, “Not only does reforestation revitalize dry arid soil and provide a substantial oxygen supply, but it directly benefits locals living in the area by providing wood for fuel, food, and fodder for livestock, as well as permanent and seasonal employment.”

This video posted by tentree takes you through the tree-planting process, showing how locals in Madagascar are provided with employment when it comes to the company. The tree planting process goes as follows when it comes to the tree seeds;

  • Collecting
  • Counting
  • Organizing
  • Transporting
  • Planting
  • Growing

In about eight years, the trees are fully-grown, not only combatting deforestation, but providing countless benefits to the planet.


The company sells a wide variety of clothing for both men and women—ranging from T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and accessories like hats, beanies and backpacks.

All of the clothing is made with eco-friendly material, such as coconut buttons, cork trims, hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and tencel.

As mentioned on their website, Tentree “only work with socially and environmentally responsible factories that are WRAP approved”. The factories that they work closely with “commit to fair hours of work, absolutely no child labor, fair compensation based on local laws, a safe and healthy workplace, and adherence to environmentally conscious practices”. Their company is taking a stand to help the earth all while functioning ethically and keeping their environmental footprint as small as they can.

What have they accomplished so far?

At the top of their website is a tally of all the trees that have been planted so far—the number currently being a little over 15 million—woah.

Their website contains an interactive tree map that shows exactly where the trees are being planted. At the top of this list is Madagascar—a small island in the East of Africa (that you probably know from the popular cartoon movie)—with a total of almost eight million trees planted. Following right behind are the countries Nepal, Senegal, Ethiopia and India. (If you purchase something from the website, you will be able to track exactly where your trees are being planted!)

The main goal of the company is to plant a billion trees by the year 2030—and we at Valley have no doubt that they will reach this goal.

If you want to make a difference, check out the tentree website. 🙂