T-Shirt Dresses: The Only Outfit You Need

Posted by Wild Blue Denim | @wildbluedenim

As the weather — hopefully — starts warming up, our wardrobes get a much needed spring awakening. With sunnier days come shorts, tank tops, crop tops, skirts, sundresses, and best of all, t-shirt dresses. T-shirt dresses are the easiest way to obtain a killer, haste-free outfit. Don’t believe us? Check out these reasons why t-shirt dresses are the ideal spring outfit.


They’re extremely comfortable. You might think that it can’t get comfier than gym shorts and a tee, but a t-shirt dress takes the cake. It’s basically like wearing pajamas in public without having to feel shame. T-shirt dresses are just baggy enough, and many of them are made of breezy cotton.

Dress With Ease

They’re the easiest thing to throw on in the morning. After all, a dress means that you don’t have to plan out which shirt you’ll wear with what shorts. You just need to slip into one easy piece.

Faking Effort

Since you’re wearing a dress, it looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did. You’ll have everyone thinking you tried really hard to look good, but the truth is that your t-shirt dress did all of the work for you.


They come in every color, pattern and fit. Plain Janes can get one in any color imaginable, while edgier girls can find one in all sorts of unique patterns. They come in fitted versions, but there are plenty of looser options, too.

Easy and Breezy

They keep you cool. T-shirt dresses are loose and breezy, perfect for rising temperatures. Plus, nothing feels better than a summer breeze blowing through a dress.


You can wear them for a huge range of occasions. They don’t feel too formal for class, but they can be dressed up and styled for a night out.

Fitting In

No matter what your style is, t-shirt dresses fit in. Whether you’re preppy, boho chic, sporty, girly, or anything else, t-shirt dresses will fit right in with your closet.

Business major Erin Yu can often be found sporting a t-shirt dress. She says, “They’re an essential that you can dress up or dress down and are great for layering. Also nice for when you’re going to eat and don’t want to worry about a food belly.”

For everything from comfort to concealment of a food-baby, t-shirt dresses have your back. It’s the best investment for you and your wardrobe. Trust us.