Student Activists Taking a Stand Against Gun Violence

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Gun control is an extremely hot topic in the media and in conversations with anyone even semi-culturally aware. In Washington D.C., the debate on whether to change gun laws or not is ongoing.

The recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have pushed gun control debates to forefront in the media.

High school student activists and survivors of the shooting are taking a stand and leading the movement to reform gun laws and increase gun control. One of the leading activists, Emma González has attracted national attention. In the past two weeks, she obtained more followers on Twitter than the NRA has in years.

Throughout history, not much has changed after mass shootings. Gun control laws have remained basically unchanged, but these students are determined to make a huge impact and ensure that the Parkland shooting is the last mass shooting in America and are using the hashtag, “#NeverAgain,” to symbolize that.

They have organized marches, debates and walkouts. This form of protest is spreading across America as many other high school students participate to take a stand against the NRA and current legislation.

Recently, Penn State along with many other universities stated that they will still accept students that get suspended for taking such stands. This announcement means that if you’re looking to attend Penn State, but still want to participate in a school walk out, you can.

Many college students are also protesting gun violence alongside these high school students.

“I am protesting to stand up for legislation that should’ve been passed a long time ago,” says Mia Behrens, a freshman psychology major who is planning to march for gun control in New York City along with other students, families and activists.

There are marches planned in many major cities across the nation on March 24, and the goal is that with these marches and the many other major events in the past few weeks, gun control legislation will finally be amended.


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