Small Things, Great Love FTK

With THON right around the corner, Penn Staters everywhere are pulling together to raise funds FTK. Canning may be over, and the long-awaited weekend may be fast approaching, but there is still a chance to get involved in a unique (and fashionable) way. Enter Small Things, Great Love.

Small Things, Great Love is a fashion and accessories organization dedicated to combining style and charity into one cohesive unit. As a merchandiser for the jewelry company Chloe + Isabel, founder Erin Gillespie nows offers over a hundred pieces of jewelry for purchase through her online store.

Gillespie and her team launch new jewelry lines every season, even catering to special occasions. With different collections to choose from, as well as pricing fit for any budget, Gillespie has found the perfect balance between giving back and being fashionable.

“I have always been passionate about three things: fashion, creativity, and helping others,” says Gillespie. “In an effort to combine all three of my passions, I created ‘Small Things, Great Love.’ I thought that the position [at Chloe + Isabel] would be the perfect opportunity to launch my charity organization, and I was so excited because it had been a dream of mine for many years.”

Small Things, Great Love runs on a rotation system, with 20% of the proceeds from sales donated to different charities every few months. With THON serving as her first charity, Gillespie is tapping into her alumni roots to give back to a cause that has directly influenced her.

“THON is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and always will be,” says Gillespie. “There was  something so incredible about the dedication and devotion that thousands of Penn State students have towards THON, it was such an inspiration to me. I know that Penn State is full of hardworking, passionate students. Even as an alumni I am proud to donate proceeds to THON and continue to be a part of this cause.”

Small Things, Great Love will be donating proceeds to THON until the fundraising window closes – so snag your goodies while you still can! To check out the jewelry and learn more about Gillespie’s company, visit her website and Facebook for more information.


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