Save Our Skins: Switching Foundations for Fall and Winter

There are some clear advantages to moving into the fall and winter seasons. You get to stock up on some new riding boots, invest in a cute transitional pea coat and stop worrying about shaving your legs as frequently. (Don’t lie to me, we all know that’s what sweater weather is actually good for.)

But one common thing tends to be an unprecedented pain in the rear – switching foundations.

All of a sudden, your gorgeous summer tan has faded and the brutal winds of fall and winter have made you go from moisturized to dry in a just a matter of weeks. Your regular foundation just doesn’t feel right anymore. And when you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, everything else feels off too.

But have no fear, Valley is here to help you transition your makeup look with complete ease.


It’s hard to admit, but summer tans don’t last forever. With a season change comes a complexion change, which means you may need to move on to a lighter foundation. But how can you tell which one is right for you?

“The best way to check if your foundation color is right for your skin is to use the bottom of your chin, where your jawline is,” says junior makeup artist Chantel Lee. “Look where your jaw connects to your neck. Don’t use your arm or someplace on your hand – that’s incorrect.”


Strong winds and abrupt changes in air temperature have more effects on our skin than we realize. During the summer, you may have had a dewey look at the beach everyday, but fall and winter tend to deplete the moisture in our skin faster than you can say “October.” Don’t be afraid to switch textures if you notice your face is becoming dryer.

“It comes down to trying out different foundations on your skin. In the winter, when your skin tends to become more dry, it’s good to switch to a cream instead of liquid,” says Lee. “You can literally have four different foundations for different seasons. [When the seasons change] you might want to mix them in between when you’re switching from skin tone to skin tone.”

Back to Basics

Every good foundation needs a good base. The skin needs a little love before you apply your makeup, especially in the fall and winter. Before you apply your new foundation, remember to go back to the basics with primer and moisturizer.

“Regardless of what foundation you use, your main goal should always be to moisturize,” Lee says. “With primer and moisturizer, you want to prep your skin with the proper hydration.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! So ladies, don’t be afraid of the seasonal skin shuffle. Though no one is a fan of what the fall and winter do to our skin, remember that makeup is your friend. Bring it on, fall!

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