Quick Ways to Fix Your Cracked Screen Near Campus

It’s happened to just about every one of us — you drop your phone and hear arguably the most terrible noise in the world as it hits the surface of the floor. It lands and you wait a few moments before picking it up because you just know that this time, it’s game over. RIP phone screen.

The next few days are spent swiping extra carefully on Tinder (we’re not here to judge) as to avoid a nasty glass splinter in your thumb. Phone calls are taken by speaker or via headphones to avoid a massacre (okay, dramatic) of your cheek. If you’re especially unlucky, you’ve even cracked your front camera. Try #sundayselfie-ing with that.

Here at Valley, we’re going to skip the lecture about always protecting your phone with a good case or avoiding carelessly Snapchatting from elevated surfaces with little regard to the grip on your phone.

Instead, we’re just going to list below three easy ways to get your screen fixed locally so you can get your Insta-game back on track ASAP.


One of the more convenient options on the list, iCracked is an easy and quick way to get your smooth screen back in no time. Approximate prices range from $150 to $250 depending on your model. iCracked.com allows you to schedule an appointment to meet with a miracle-working genius from their team to replace your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung screen, and once you pick your day and time, said miracle worker texts or emails you to decide on a meeting place. This can be on campus in the HUB or even inside the Starbucks on South Garner. After about 20-30 minutes, you’re good to go with a new screen! Get started by requesting an appointment here.


If you’re looking to support a local business in the process of fixing your screen, look no further than iQuickFix located on West College Ave. It’s run by an iPhone-repairman with over three years of experience. Appointments are made online through his website and repairs take about 30 minutes on campus, wherever you decide to meet. iQuickFix will run you anywhere from around $79 to $99 depending on your model but, unfortunately, is only for iPhone users. Note that showing your Penn State ID will also earn you $5 off any service! Book your appointment here.

I-Cell Repair

If you’re willing to stop by the Nittany Mall, I-Cell Repair is a kiosk located in front of Express that also does iPhone and Samsung repairs. Depending on the model of you phone, prices range between about $60 and $150 for iPhones and up to around $250 for newer Samsung models. Most replacements and repairs can be completed in under an hour. For a detailed quote, call (347) 472 – 2574 between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, or 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Okay, now seriously, put a case on that thing.


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