Pick of the Week: The Aquazinger Water Bottle

mainHave you always wanted to drink more water but find yourself reaching for soda? What about more coffee because you’re tired? Or maybe you’re just sick of the taste of water and you just can’t bring yourself to drink another drop. Well…no more!

The Aquazinger water bottle flavors your water with fruits and herbs that you grind in the small compartment at the bottom of the bottle. Simply add your desired fruit, herb or vegetable to the bottom compartment, place in the blade attachment, and screw on the top of the bottle. The turning motion of attaching the water compartment to the bottom crushes the bottom contents and violà! Flavored water.

The flavoring from the fruits/herbs lasts for about three water bottles’ worth of water, and keeps your water drinking interesting and fun! Plus, the extra flavor makes you want to drink water–something we can all be happy about!


Available at Whole Foods or online at zinganything.com.