Mother’s Day Gifts

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With the stress of finals and the start of summer, it’s easy to forget the holiday that graces us at the beginning of each May. Mother’s Day sneaks up on us and before we know it, we’re rushed to get her gift. You want to get her something special but all you can find are “Best Mom” mugs and picture frames. Ditch those corny gifts this year and get her something she’ll really love! We’ve compiled a list of some perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, ranging in price and category that are sure to make your mom feel loved.

A Work of Art
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The most special gifts are those that come straight from the heart. If you want to utilize any artistic talents you have, now is the perfect time! Make your mom smile by writing a heartfelt poem. Make her tear up by painting her childhood home. Satisfy her cravings by baking her a fancy cake. The best part is that these types of gifts come at little to no cost.

Spa Kit
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You know how your mom always walks around in that shabby robe? It’s time to get her a nice, new silk robe that she’ll really love. Why not throw in a face mask or two while you’re at it? Maybe a nice shower scrub or a gua sha that’s all the rage right now? Whatever you put in your spa day kit is sure to be the perfect fix for those hard-working moms.

Charcuterie Board

Who doesn’t love a good cheese and wine night? We know moms love to have that perfect cheese board on display when hosting guests, so why not get her a board that is specifically designed to serve! Some boards even come with knives, utensils and a wine opener. Talk about convenient!

Wine Glass Set

Speaking of wine, this gift compliments that cheese board wonderfully. What mother doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day? If your mom is a wine lover, get her a few new glasses that she can add to her collection. Sites like Etsy make it easy to find specialized wine glasses that suit your mother’s taste. These nontraditional copper glasses could make any wine taste AND look good.

Travel Bag
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If your mom is always on the go, it’s a great idea to get her a new bag for all her personal needs. Whether it be a suitcase, a purse, a camera bag, a golf bag or a makeup bag, this gift is so versatile it can suit any mother.

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Now this may seem like the obvious choice, but you can make this gift special by getting a special kind of plant for your mom. Spice up her workspace and get her a succulent to put on her desk. She doesn’t even have to water it as these plants are low maintenance!

 Kitchen Gadget
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There are so many different routes you can take with this gift. If your mom is a coffee lover, find a kettle she would like or get her a new coffee bean grinder. If she loves to cook, get her a new mixer or a spice rack. Hey, if she doesn’t love cooking all that much, an air fryer might be the perfect gift.

Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts but the appreciation you show to the women in your life that have cared for you over the years. Love from their kids is the only gift a mother could ask for — but maybe making her a card couldn’t hurt!

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