Juicy Couture with the Comeback

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Juicy Couture was queen of the early 2000s, with its famous tracksuits and oversized charm bracelets. But after the 8th grade, the ever popular brand seemed to fade away, and it took all of its pink velour with it.

This February, however, Urban Outfitters came through to make all of our inner middle schoolers’ dreams come true.  Urban Outfitters launched an exclusive, collaborative collection with Juicy Couture, featuring artist Tinashe as the face of this beloved brand’s shot at a comeback.  The collection includes graphic tees, bralettes, all the velour you could ever ask for and, of course, a few of Juicy’s iconic tracksuits. While most of us can’t help but to want to reminisce on the simpler times with a brand new version of our favorite go-to 2010 leisure wear, as college students, would we actually go through with it?

Valley sat down with a group of friends who made it through those original tracksuit filled middle school years together in the same hometown and got varying opinions on whether or not they would be splurging on updated velour any time soon.

The majority of the squad were critical of Juicy’s shot at a comeback.  Claudia Pregmon, a freshman at Temple University, was the first to fill us in about her feelings on the matter.

“I think that Juicy is so 6th grade,” says Pregmon. “And I’m surprised that Urban even carries it.”

Sara Kirchner, a Millersville University freshman, also agreed with Pregmon’s opinion.

“I love Urban Outfitters, but I don’t think I would buy Juicy Couture clothes from there,” says Kirchner, “I mean middle school was a trip. I’m not trying to relive that.”

But one member of the group, Nicole Hartman, a University of Pittsburgh freshman, was much more excited about Urban’s newest collection.

“OK, I would so go to a party in a Juicy Couture tracksuit, no lie,” says Hartman. “I would roll up so fresh!”

Quinn Hemphill, a freshman at Syracuse University, agreed with the majority of her pals’ opinions.

“Its time has passed,” says Hemphill, however, she did go on to support her friend Hartman.

“But I would pay Nicole to show up anywhere in a Juicy tracksuit,” says Hemphill

Even though the majority of the group, who has witnessed and wholeheartedly participated in those prime Juicy Couture years, thinks that Juicy Couture has seen better days we can’t help but agree with Hartman— we would all totally love to rock another velour tracksuit any time, any place.