It’s Never Too Late To Get Involved

Some people are late bloomers in college, but that should never hold anyone back from trying new things. College students start school thinking they are going to be the doctor that cures cancer or the next J.K. Rowling. Some might find the right major or on campus activities for them right away and for others, it takes a couple tries.

But once you find the major that is right for you, the question now becomes what related activities you can join?

Going into a new major can be daunting. Those who have been in the program longer have an advantage and have had more time to be active in activities that coincide with the (what hopes to be) future profession. Don’t freak out, it is never too late to expand put yourself out there.

There is this idea that if you are a junior or senior you are too late to get actively involved in an extracurricular or that you are behind.

That is SO wrong.

So many people do not even know what they want to study until later in college. Joining a club, organization or extracurricular late in the game does not put you at any disadvantage. The impact you want to make is not determined on how long you have participated but for most activities, they want members who are dedicated to improvement, expansion and betterment of the entire organization.

There are so many clubs and activities here at Penn State that you can get involved with.

THON is always something that is extremely inclusive and welcoming. Join on org and be matched with a group of people who come from all majors, grades and parts of the country. It is a great way to make friends and get involved in Penn State’s favorite fundraising initiative.

Club and IM sports are an active alternative to involvement. Joining a club sport is like being on an actual team and for someone who misses team sports, playing the game, competition or wants to try something new, this is a great activity to try. IM sports allow for more lighthearted competition. Teams are typically formed by the players and consist of friends. There is no national championships, but you do get a free tee-shirt if your team wins the championship.

The biggest thing people do not get involved with later in college is greek life. There is a huge stigma that juniors and seniors are too old to rush. This is not the case. A sorority or fraternity would be willing to open their doors for older people interested in their organization, however, it does not seem that way because mostly freshmen participate in each semesters new member process. If it is something you want to try, do not let others influence you to go a different way.

Big schools like Penn State always have a multitude of clubs and organizations that pretty much have something for everyone and they always want new members who are respectful and willing to show commitment.

It is time to stop using grade status as an excuse for not participating. If there is something you want to do, do it. Putting yourself out there can open you up to a wealth of possibilities. Age and time are not holding you back, you are.


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