HUM’s the Word

Growing up, almost everyone was nagged and scolded by their parents to always remember to take their vitamins. Vitamins have numerous health benefits such as the ability to build up a healthy immune system, reduce the risk for heart disease or chronic illnesses, and prevent nutrient deficiencies. But now, with brands like HUM Nutrition, taking your vitamins can add another benefit to that list — beauty.

HUM was founded on the idea of creating beauty from within and is formulated with the help of nutritionists and researchers to guarantee every product is backed by scientific research.

According to their website, HUM’s mission is to, “develop nutritional solutions that help you achieve your beauty and lifestyle goals by formulating products with your food and drink habits in mind.”

This revolutionary and relatively new company is one of the first vitamin companies to bridge the connection between skin and body health with digestion. Plus, they are the only vitamin company in the world to offer free access to nutritionists through their website. 

How it Works

When you go to order a HUM product, you first take a quiz that collects data about your food, drink and lifestyle choices. Then, you receive a nutrition report and are connected with a free personal nutritionist who suggests which micronutrients are best for you and will support your health and beauty goals. You also have access to free support and advice from these registered dietitian nutritionists throughout the entire process. This is all conveniently done online, and you get personalized vitamins, minerals and botanicals shipped right to your door.

What They Offer

HUM has an array of products that are designed to make you look and feel good, all of which are gluten-free, non-GMO and sustainably sourced. The products specialize in a variety of different categories like weight and body, acne, hair and nails, anti-aging, cleansing and detoxing, etc. Some of their best-selling vitamins are the Red Carpet vitamins to attain glowing skin and fuller hair in six months or their Collagen Pop to get firm and hydrated skin. Other popular picks include the Glow Sweet Glow gummies to hydrate your skin and the Daily Cleanse to detox. If you’re looking for natural weight loss, try the Skinny Bird vitamins or if you’re stressed out and craving a mental health boost, the Big Chill helps keep you calm and focused. In addition to vitamins, HUM also now sells their Raw Beauty product, which is an organic superfood powder that contains antioxidants, adaptogens for energy, probiotics, enzymes and fiber.

When it comes to our beauty and health, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve a desired effect strictly from your diet. Luckily, HUM is merging these two aspects in safe ways while also providing education on how to make the right food, drink and supplemental choices. HUM is taking beauty to a whole new level, so order your vitamins today or look for HUM products at Sephora.


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