Greek Life In THON 2018

Photo by Ann Li

THON is only one day away and many organizations are preparing for the 46-hour-long weekend, including Penn State Greek life chapters. For those who may not know, Penn State Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council are credited with starting THON, the 46-hour dance marathon benefitting research and treatment to end childhood cancer. Greek organizations across campus can be found canning, canvassing, hosting puppy socials, having events at restaurants among many other fundraisers.

Going into THON 2018, however, many people are wondering if the new sanctions on Greek life have affected THON efforts. Greek life plays a pivotal role in THON, so VALLEY wanted to know if there were really any changes to Greek life and their participation in this year’s THON.

Peter Bridgewater, a sophomore education major, is a brother at Kappa Sigma fraternity. Like many Greek organizations, Kappa Sigma focused their THON fundraising efforts on their final canning trip, canvassing, dinners and other fundraisers to help reach their total goal. Although Kappa Sigma’s THON efforts have not seen change and have maintained high participation throughout their chapter, the same cannot be said for all fraternities at Penn State.

“The sanctions have not affected my fraternity or our sorority pairing directly,” Bridgewater says, “however, since many fraternities have been suspended and are now not eligible to participate in THON, we may see a correlation in the total raised.”  

Bridgewater adds that less fraternity involvement could prove detrimental to the total amount revealed this upcoming Sunday.

“Although we will always work hard to find a cure and raise money for the kids, [having] less orgs doesn’t allow [for] much to be made,” Bridgewater says.

Like many students, Bridgewater is excited to see all the children, his THON family and the other participants in THON 2018. His year’s worth of work is about to be put into motion and he is excited to see how the weekend plays out.

It is safe to say that Penn State Greek life has still remained active in THON efforts and does not look to slow down soon. All Greek organizations spent this past year hard at work in order to make THON 2018 the best it can be, and it’s evident that this will be the same mission when THON 2019 rolls around, too.



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