Farewell to the “Most Dramatic Season Yet” of The Bachelor

Posted by Giphy.com

This past Monday night was the end of an era for all fans of Bachelor Nation. Nick’s season came to a close with drama, tears, and a proposal – what more could we expect from a “Bachelor” finale?

The most loyal fans were there every step of the way on Nick’s journey to find love, and whether you were a Raven fan or a Vanessa fan you have to admit that his proposal was precious. But besides all the romance, the best part of any “Bachelor” season is drama, drama, and more drama.

Each season of the “Bachelor” franchise offers its own unique personalities, fights for bizarre reasons, and twists that keep viewers on the edges of their seats. Valley is here to recap Nick’s journey, and to get excited for next season of “The Bachelorette” starring the queen Rachel.


Where else would we start? Corrine was far and away the highlight of this season, bringing both the funniest and the most dramatic moments. From the first episode in which she revealed that she ran a multi-million dollar company and had a nanny up until her final appearance during the “Women Tell All” episode when she ran off stage mid-show to get a glass of champagne, Corrine has kept the audience guessing. She was the producers’ best friend, boosting the show’s rating with each of her antics that included stripping in the pool during her photoshoot with Nick, having Nick lick whipped cream off of her body, fighting with fellow contestant Taylor, and buying Nick an outfit probably worth more than our college tuition. Corrine was the girl we loved to hate, and it was almost sad seeing her go.


Liz didn’t make it too far and was unsuccessful in winning Nick’s heart on the show, but she had won Nick over at one point before. After Liz revealed that she had slept with Nick months before during Jade and Tanner’s wedding, the drama really picked up in the season and gave viewers a taste of the tension and tears we would see in the episodes to come.

The Other Girls

Since Corrine took the spotlight for most of the season, a lot of the other girls weren’t as prominent. But who could forget Kristina’s heartbreaking story about her childhood in Russia? Who saw it coming when Danielle L. was sent home after pouring her heart out on the one-on-one? And why did Andi Dorfman come back again? This season definitely had its standout moments, ranging from interesting people to unexpected dates. And some could even say the ending was a surprise – Nick’s chemistry with Raven was enough to make anyone believe she would come out as the girl with the ring on her finger.

Well, it’s been quite a fun ride and unfortunately now our Monday nights must go back to boring without our 8 p.m. “Bachelor” viewing parties. But, luckily we have more to look forward to – Rachel as the bachelorette! She already met four contestants — a surprise from Monday night’s “After the Final Rose” special — and Valley can’t wait to meet the rest. Rachel has proven to be a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who deserves to find her own love!

It might be hard to wait, but before we know it the limos will be rolling up, roses will be handed out, and we might even hear Chris Harrison proclaim Rachel’s season as “the most dramatic season yet of ‘The Bachelorette’!”