Eagles Fly To The Super Bowl!

Photo by Carissa Flores

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! We’re going to the Super Bowl! For all you “right outside of Philly” readers this article is for you. It’s been 14 years since the birds last went to a Super Bowl and fans could not be more excited for the underdogs to take their turn at a victory.

Green is a symbol of new and this is the Chinese year of the dog. Coincidence? VALLEY doesn’t think so! Eagles are the underdogs, it’s their year and we can’t wait to see them take on the Super Bowl!

Photo by Carissa Flores

The Patriots

They are up against the Patriots, and let’s be honest the Patriots are tiresome. ‘Brady fatigue’ is spreading and even non-Eagles fans are rooting for these underdogs. The Eagles have played amazing defense this year and they plan on blocking Brady from another Super Bowl win.

The Eagles have the statistics this season to prove they are truly capable of making this happen. According to ESPN Stats & Information: The Eagles rank fourth in opponent points, have the fifth lowest opponent QBR in the league and had 106 disrupted drop-backs during the regular season, ranking them ninth. These stats prove that they have earned their spot back in the Super Bowl and didn’t just get lucky.

The Birds should be seen as a threat to the Patriots and will definitely give them a run for their money. It may be a story of the underdogs, but like Abby McClatchy, a freshman in DUS at Penn State, says, “I’ve always been a huge Eagles fan. It’s an amazing feeling to finally see them go to the Super Bowl. Once Carson Wentz got injured, I thought it was all over, but underdog stories really do happen!”

Spirit And Support

Not only do the birds have their skills and stats supporting them, but they have a huge underlying fan base. It’s incredibly exciting and heartwarming how quickly people can come together for a sporting team, especially one so close to our hearts.

Grace Johnson, a freshman in DUS at Penn State, says it best: “my parents have had season tickets to the Eagles for 10 years, so we have always been a huge Eagles family. It is so crazy that we will finally see them in the Super Bowl! I’m actually going home to watch it with my friends and family and we are so excited to root for them!”

This is one of those football games where no matter how old you are, you want to be surrounded by the people you love. This way you can all be happy and hype together. Regardless of how it ends tears will be shed, laughs will be spread and beers will be cheered. And that’s the beauty of the Eagles going to the Super Bowl.



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