DIY Spring Nail Trends

SabineC.SpringNailsWith high hopes that the temperatures here in Happy Valley will warm up any day now… why not celebrate spring with this season’s best DIY nail trends.

Moon Mani

This nail trend is also known as the new French manicure or reverse French mani. Instead of accenting the tips of your nails with white as we’ve seen with the standard French mani, the crescent of your nail bed is painted an opaque white color. The rest of the nail can be painted a nude color, which we’ve seen a lot of, or could be painted using an accent color. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with this trend.

Nude Nails

While nude nails technically never go out of style, they are “trending” for the moment. Try out a barely there pink shade like Essie’s “Adore-a-Ball” or an opaque cream color. While finding the right nude shade can be difficult, two other suggestions to get that perfect nude shade come from OPI’s collection; “Passion” and “Chocolate Moose”, you can’t go wrong with either one.


This season’s version of the whiteout nail has been given a facelift. Instead of coating your nails in all white and leaving it at that, embellishments are a huge trend. While Swarovski crystal elements may be too over the top, try getting clear crystal press on gems from any drugstore or grocery store.


Are you a fan of pastels? They’re back for another season. From pale pinks, baby blues, chiffon yellows and light greens, this springy palette will take you from those dreary winter moods into cheerful spirits in hopes that those spring temperatures will soon arrive. Until then, have some fun with your nails and try out the pastel palette.


As seen on the runways of fashion week, we can see that metallics were a big deal. From Elie Saab sporting silver tones to Nina Ricci illustrating gold tones, there’s not one metal better than the other for this spring; all metals are major.

Stripe Detail

With nude, white or pastel colored nails, add a little more detail to your manicure by trying out a striped detail. Whether it’s a thick or thin stripe, a black or white stripe or a metallic stripe, it will give you that extra pop to add uniqueness to your style.

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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