Dashing Through the Snow, on a Penn State Commons Tray…

As any young child would do, many of us used to laugh and make fun of our grandparents when they would tell us that their walk to school was uphill both ways. How could that even be possible?

Well, I’m sure most of you have already kicked yourselves for thinking that. When it comes to Penn State’s campus there is no such thing as “flat ground”. Walking to and from class around Happy Valley is indeed uphill both ways and can become quite of a pain in the winter months.

But hey, look at the bright side: when the snow falls, these hills transform into awesome sledding spots just waiting to be discovered. Valley has the inside scoop from senior Kevin Peno, a State College native and sledding expert.

Community Field

AshleyMililloSledding4SouthAthertonJust down South Atherton Street, before Hamilton Ave, a vast hill awaits you on your right. Normally a cluster of baseball fields and tennis courts, come winter the snow transforms this field into the perfect sledding spot. It’s just a short walk from the west side of downtown, so if your looking for somewhere to go when class is cancelled for a snow day—wait, who are we kidding?—when you “accidentally” sleep in and miss class on that day of the blizzard, community field will be poppin’ with sledding enthusiasts.


State College High


Directly behind State College High, also on the west side of campus, lies another hill perfect for a snowy day. To get here, travel a little bit further down Atherton Street, turn right on Westerly Parkway and State High will be on your left. This spot may be a longer walk, but definitely worth it!

BJC/Multi Sports Facility

AshleyMililloSledding1BJCIf you are an east college dweller or still live in the dorms, these are probably the closest sledding hills for you! Both are a hop, skip and a jump away the Blue Loop stop on Porter Rd. Either venture to behind the Multi Sports Facility right off Dauer Drive or behind the Medlar Field, to the right of Lot 44. Both are steep and easy to spot.

Slab Cabin Park

AshleyMililloSledding2SlabCabinLooking to make sleigh riding an afternoon extravaganza? Hop in a car and head over to Slab Cabin Park, the most popular sledding spot among the townies. Drive down college Ave toward the Nittany Mall, turn right on to Elmwood Street and the park will be on your right. Here you will find all sizes of hills, but just be careful to steer clear of the creek!

Now that you’ve got the down low on the best hills, you’re probably disappointed for not bringing that old sled from your house back to school. Relax Penn Staters, the answer to your distress is at your fingertips – literally.

I’m sure you’ve all gotten annoyed once or twice at the commons trays when you have to carry them around in the dinner rush. Well friends, no need to hate on this simple object anymore because it is now the key to your winter enjoyment! Next time you grab a meal, hold on to that tray as you exit the commons.

I’m sure you never went by the “one piece of fruit” rule upon exit anyway, so might as well take something that you will actually put to good use (let’s be honest you never even ate that piece of fruit.) No harm in borrowing one of these for some snowy fun, one missing lunch tray never hurt anybody. And boy, do they make one hell of a sled. Happy sledding everyone!

Valley does not endorse the stealing of lunch trays!

Photos by Ashley Milillo


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