Best of THON 2015: Crazy Hats

A vibrant array of colors and lights fills the Bryce Jordan Center as THON 2015 members dance through the night. With an animated crowd comes a crazy colorful wardrobe. Valley hit the floor to find the best hats of THON.


Junior Jack Holmes wears a fuzzy pink hat with his THON organization Atlas, a tradition inspired by one of the group’s THON children.


Sophomore Heather Thomas dances for the THON organization Tetra wearing a hand-designed cap. “I wanted as many colors as I could,” she says.


Freshman Samantha Glancey, dancing for Penn State York campus, wears a bright pink hat with bunny ears inspired by her favorite television show.



Senior member of Science LionPride Zach Dawson sports a cap with the FTK logo front and center. His Dancer Relations committee member made it for him, he says.



Senior Thomas Stitt, dancing for Cross Country, wears a red cap with a fish through the center. “It makes people smile,” he says.



Senior Alex Greenawalt dances for the American Society of Civil Engineers wearing a pizza hat. When asked why a pizza hat, he says “Why not a pizza hat?”



Third-year law student Georgina Buckley wears a bear hat. She says she received the hat as a Christmas gift from her brother when he was serving in Iraq. “I wanted him to come home (for Christmas) instead,” she says.



Delta Gamma sisters Sami Steich and Teresa Ricotta and Sigma Pi brother Nick Danforth wear multi-colored caps.