Best Of THON 2015: Accessories

Amongst a blend of rainbow color on the dancefloor, THON participants and committee members use their accessories to really stand out. From capes to blow up dinosaurs, the people of the floor find small ways to show off their creativity and have a little fun with it! We went around and talked to some of the best accessorized!



Patrick Varone, a senior dancing for the Blue and White Society, is decked out in a gold metallic cape, paired with a squirt gun and bubbles because they are “pretty much a necessity,” he says. 



Senior Kelsey Duggan, dancing for the Council for Exceptional Children, is all smiles with her friend Meghan Martin, matching in their pink and yellow butterfly sunglasses.



Nick Fritz, a senior dancing for the snowboard club, brings back his big red blow-up dinosaur for yet another year on the floor. The dinosaur gets quite the view sitting on his shoulders all weekend!



Sophomore Jessie Zurat, dancing for Schuylkill THON, accessorizes with a homemade tutu. “Our entire org made them!” she says. Zurat adds to the cuteness factor with her dino backpack!



Elmo makes an appearance at THON this year on the head of freshman Robert Elwell, representing Phi Kappa Psi. “It’s a little hot,” he says, “but I’m going to try and keep it on for all 46 hours.”



Senior Independent dancer Justin Abraham looks tough in a silk American flag boxing robe. He shows his THON spirit with “FTK” shaved into the back of his head.